Health is a fundamental human right, made more possible with digital services.

Current medical devices and concepts do not apply or scale to long-term and pervasive, preventive healthcare.

Preventing and self-acting healthcare

eLive Ecosystem Oy has developed one of a kind holistic solution for preventive and self-acting healthcare. The artificial intelligence, sensor technology and genetic testing -based health ecosystem offers new possibilities to independently and individually prevent diseases and their disadvantages.

At the same time solution offers new ways to solve the lack of resources and to cut down the expenses in healthcare. Ever increasing human population makes the significance of preventive healthcare quite obvious as a future solution on global level.

With automated clinical risk assessment we can impact our quality of life at home – whether we are healthy or have already contracted a disease.

Medically effective individual health monitoring

Individual risks to contract common chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, vascular dementia, apoplexy, type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea, can be monitored. Diseases which most likely effect individual’s quality of life and ability to function, and cause more than half of all deaths (Globally 42%, Finland 55% year 2016).

eLive.care® helps in monitoring and maintaining one’s health and fighting the disadvantages of diseases independently – and yet medically effectively. eLive.care® is the medical device of new generation.

eLive.care® is for

  • Every individual who cares about the health and quality of life of their own or their loved ones

  • For those who are aware of or suspect having risk factors relating diseases due their either genetic factors or lifestyle choices

  • For those wanting to avoid and prevent a disease- and attack-based premature loss of functionality

  • For those desiring to control their own individual health risks effectively based on facts

  • For those wanting to live full life

eLive.care combines in the innovative way


The next generation solution for preventing longterm diseases and their disadvantages