new era of digitalized care

lower costs – higher effectiveness – better care

The company’s mission is to ensure efficient disease prevention for a billion people globally by 2050 with the aid of the equipment and machine-taught algorithms of our ecosystem – without the need of increasing medical resources significantly!


Our device can be seen as a “digital physician” or “personal digital health coach” preventing independently the most chronic diseases in the world as well as their disadvantages – as a concrete, AI-based medical device to every household is everyones solution for self-care.

New era

This is new to the world and with its enormous efficiencies it enables extensive health and cost profits for both individuals and society – in a situation where there will not probably be enough resources for carrying out extensive and efficient prevention with the current operating model

Product for professional use and be integrated part of healt care network.


Cardiovascular Disease

Diabetes (type 2)

Sleep apnea


Vascular dementia


We trust only facts that are scientifically proven. And we use only those biomarkers what matters.


you do not have to worry we will advise you, and we ask your doctor to contact you if necessary


Everyday, we will create a more detailed profile of you and your health. All your data is only for you.


your data is protected and just for you. eLive use the same security solutions as the banks. We are protected by firewalls, IDS and IPS systems and all data is subject to advanced encryption. combines innovatively both


and is the first health solution of the next generation in preventing several chronic diseases and their disadvantages simultaneously!