The new era of self-care´s digitalisation

Better health – with lower costs – more efficiently

With our devices we aim not only to reduce diseases and illnessess but also to maintain the quality of life and the ability to function with medically preventive means and ways.

Targeted for professional use, solutions provided by, goals are realized by a traditional great risk-approach strategy which simply means recognizing the individuals with a great disease risk of disease and based on that, directing interventions and procedures to them in order to get the greatest possible health benefits.

On the level of primary prevention provides not only the possibility to recognize invidual’s increased risk for diseases and illnessess but also to multidimensionally categorize the magnitude of the risk which eases the right-levelled targeting of the interventions as a whole and their individual planning

On the level of secondary and tertiary prevention the artificial intelligence-based provides the possibility for holistic, automated analysis of self-care and its results (in accordance with doctor’s parameterizing) and an alarm-system if needed

Provides and wraps up first in the world;

  1. Surveying of multidimensional, individual, genetic-based ailment risks based on polygenetic risk evaluation on parts of many illnessess simultaneously.
  2. Maintained DNA-risk profiling hand in hand with the constant progress of science and interpretation.
  3. Automated monitoring of patient’s lifestyle and habits.
  4. Independent monitoring and measuring aiming to screen the pre-stages of ailments by at- home -used indicators determined by the doctor.
  5. Result analyzing by artificial-intelligence based medical algorithms
  6. The transferring of the results and analysis to the care providing treatment facility. also offers a positive surprise with its affordable economic level and is the solution of new generation in preventing numerous long-term ailments and their disadvantages.® combines


and it is the next generation solution for preventing numerous long-term diseases and their disadvantages