The increase in life expectancy makes preventive healthcare and monitoring evermore important.

We want to ensure efficient and medically effective chronic disease prevention for billions of people globally.

Optimizing healthcare costs and resources

Demographic shifts are intensifying pressures on global healthcare. Solution offers medically effective way to preventive and self-acting healthcare. User gets monitoring data and guidelines from system but can also share the information with healthcare professionals. When individual medically effective health monitoring results can be used reliably for risk assessment and treatment monitoring are results significantly more precise. The system does not replace doctors but helps them to do their job.

React before contracting a disease

System guides user to healthcare professional immediately when needed. It is our goal to make it happen before any symptoms so that diagnose and for example a preventive medication can be started to spare from more severe disadvantages.

eLive.care combines in the innovative way


The next generation solution for preventing longterm diseases and their disadvantages