The company’s mission is to ensure efficient and medically effective chronic disease prevention for a billion people globally by 2050 with the aid of the medical equipment and machine-learning medical algorhitms of our ecosystem – without the need of increasing medical resources significantly.

The company´s business idea is to globally develop, sell, lease and licence the new generations eLive.care- medical devices as to support consumers in terms of selfcare and for professionals to help them support their patients in selfcare.
As a smart and witty operator, a great level of innovation and the freedom to directly create an optimal solution, serve as a foundation to success and advantage. Therefore eLive does not follow the current megatrend of “censor+mobile apps” but concentrates on creating completely new era`s medical devices. Without the existence of needed protection of business solutions, eLive is able to maximize the advantages of both consumer and professional customer devices by carrying out the optimal solution for them. The company is building a foundation and a basis of a better tomorrow for all of us as well as for generations to come, which ensures a strong basis to create financial profit for the owners and investors involved.

eLive.care is a solution-, health- and entrepreneuship ecosystem of platform economics. Concerning the platform, its competitiveness, in its simplicity, is based on the providence of possibility for self-help and self-mastering. In other words, it enables a person to “Do it yourself” which naturally keeps individual costs low and provides an excellent multidimensionality and those factors ensure that the lack or costs of professional resources of health care will not limit the distribution of the device as the artificial intelligence and the consumer itself will take care of the whole process. The A.I can be globally harnessed for the use of hundreds of millions of people with just a datacenter full of servers optimated for A.I-calculations. The increasing number of users and consumers is verified by eLive ecosystems necessity to purchase extra servers from time to time and as an increasing need for electric current and the network capacity. All of this is much more affordable and consumer-friendly as well as easier to solve and take care of than a competitive human-driven alternative. Just think of juggling with work shift arrangements with back-up plans included, recruiting, space arranging.

More precisely articulated, eLive´s essential capacity to compete is based on its ability to handle, with the aid of articial intelligence, partially independently and partially guiding the consumer, routines and processes which earlier required trained professionals and therefore were not previously able to be used independently. Elive.care is not trying to present itself as a doctor or to compensate one but rather enables certain carefully chosen basic processes of health care and their extarnalization to the consumer which boosts well- and right adjusted utilization of health care professionals.

Automation is the way and direction of today´s world and society and also a necessity in both bringing the prevention of ailments into practice and maintaining the lasting and durable health care. The global increase of the quality of life and the increasing of generations cause heavily growing need for treatment and thereby also the need for resources.

The product deveploment has begun in 2016. The company is in midst of publically-funded +1M EUR product development project to enable the products to be developed into consumer-ready medical devices – with their impressiveness and safety pointed. The products will be merchandized and published for consumers and professionals in the end of 2018. We are seeking for investors for launching the products and scaling the sales of these products wider.

If you are interested in our mission and business, we are offering you the opportunity to be a part of a success story with its economic and ethical values in their right place.