Our mission is to enable both cost-effective and medically effective prevention of chronic diseases and their disadvantages for billions of people with the aid of the medical equipment and machine-learning medical algorithms of our ecosystem.

Without the need of increasing healthcare resources significantly.

The company´s business idea is to develop, sell, lease and licence the new generations eLive.care- medical devices for self-care. Both consumer and professional purposes globally. As a smart and innovative operator, the freedom to directly create an optimal solution gives us advantage to success. eLive does not follow the current mega trend of “censor+mobile apps” but concentrates on creating completely new era`s medical devices. Without the need to protect existing business solutions, eLive is able to maximize the advantages of both consumer and professional customers. The company is building a foundation for better tomorrow for all of us as well as for generations to come, which ensures a strong basis to create financial profit for the owners and investors involved.

eLive.care® is a health and business ecosystem based on platform economics. Its competitiveness is based on making self-acting and preventing healthcare possible on low costs and easy scalability. The lack of the healthcare professionals or cost of the resource does not prevent the product to sell. AI and the user will take care of the medical health monitoring process independently. The AI can be globally harnessed for the use of hundreds of millions of people with just a datacenter full of servers optimized for AI-calculations. The increasing number of users shows in electric bill and in necessity to purchase extra servers and the network capacity from time to time. All of this is much more affordable and easier to solve than a competitive human-driven alternative.

eLive.care® essential competitive advantage is based on its ability to handle routines and processes which earlier required trained professionals. This is done with the aid of articial intelligence, self-acting and guiding the user. eLive.care is not taking the place of healthcare professionals but rather enables certain basic processes to the consumer. This offers new tools and correctly adjusted utilization of health care professionals.

Raising standard of living and demographic shifts are intensifying pressures on global healthcare. Maintaining the healthcare and making global preventive, self-acting healthcare possible is thorough automation.

Company is established 2016. Currently company has ongoing the product development process valued over 1M€ with public funding. With this project the innovation is formed to market ready medical device competence and safety tested and secured. Piloting stage has started at the end of 2018. eLive Ecosystem Oy has reached the privilege to be part of the EU innovation and internationalization program Horizon 2020 SME instrument at the end of 2018.

We are currently searching for investors for launching the product and scaling the sales for next market areas. If you find our mission and business interesting we offer you the change to be part of ethically sustainable success story.