Our mission is to enable both cost-effective and medically effective prevention of chronic diseases and their disadvantages for billions of people with the aid of the medical equipment and machine-learning medical algorithms of our ecosystem.

Without the need of increasing healthcare resources significantly.

eLive Ecosystem Oy has developed one of a kind holistic solution for preventive and self-acting healthcare. The AI, sensor technology and genetic testing -based health ecosystem offers new possibilities to individually prevent diseases and their disadvantages. With automated clinical risk assessment we can impact our quality of life at home – whether healthy or already contracted a disease.

eLive Ecosystem Oy enables much more effective individual prevention than can be provided with public education with comparable costs. The focus of preventive health monitoring and practising procedures will change from the supervision of the healthcare professionals to AI and client themselves. Instead of giving general guidelines the eLive.care® tells you your individual real-time health risks. More motivating, engaging and better profits. Potential of the ecosystem is to offer self-acting health management for millions of people without increasing the number of healthcare professionals. Just by adding the computing capacity of the AI. Still the device will not replace healthcare professionals but releases resources for something more useful.

Demographic shifts are intensifying pressures on global healthcare. Solution offers medically effective way to preventive and self-acting healthcare. User gets monitoring data and guidelines from system but can also share the information with healthcare professionals. When individual medically effective health monitoring data can be used reliably for risk assessment and treatment monitoring are results significantly more precise. The system does not replace doctors but helps them to do their job.

System guides user to healthcare professional immediately when needed. It is our goal to make it happen before any symptoms so that diagnose and for example a preventive medication can be started to spare from more severe disadvantages. A possibility of medical consultation with primary care physician through the device is also included if you wish to clarify anything at all. Ecosystem full fills all the
data protection requirements. Gathered data is not give anywhere without users premission. eLive Ecosystem Oy offers one of a kind holistic solution for preventive and self-acting healthcare. New possibilities to independently and individually prevent diseases and their disadvantages. At the same time solution offers new ways to solve the lack of resources and to cut down the expenses in healthcare. Ever increasing human population makes the significance of preventive healthcare quite obvious as a future solution on global level.

eLive.care culture

  1. We operate on high moral standards for the good of the Client and their health
  2. We are preventing only such diseases that already have a medically effective treatment
  3. We always aim at recommending a solution that is best for the Client’s health
  4. Our guidelines are always based on medical research data
  5. We respect the Client’s will and self-determination
  6. We don’t give off any information to a third party without the Client’s authorisation



Mikko Saajanlehto

Mikko Saajanlehto, founder and CEO – eLive is his second startup and digitization. The first was Netvisor, which is now the market leader in financial systems in the SME sector in Finland. 20 years of experience in digitalizations, business development and management.

Jarkko Wuorinen

Jarkko Wuorinen, co-founder and SRD – A dentist (licentiate of dentistry) who has a good network with physicians, businesses and decision-makers. Board professional. Former Chairman of Finnish Entrepreneurs (Suomen Yrittäjät) and Vice President of European Entrepreneurs, UEAPME. Founder of the chain of dentist and labs, from which he has already made an exit.

Juha Parkkinen

Juha Parkkinen, co-founder and CTO – Strong 20-year experience in the ICT industry, focusing on telecommunications, cyber security, and demanding information systems. Expert and contributor in the well-being industry. Consumer Marketing Guru.

Mika Kastarinen

Mika Kastarinen, partner, Medical Director and advisory board member – M.D., Adjunct Professor in Internal Medicine, Specialist in Internal Medicine and in Nephrology, strong expertise in prevention of cardiovascular diseases and in pharmacotherapy.

Seppo Lavonen

Seppo Lavonen, Senior Advisor, M.Sc. (Tech), certification expert, who has strong over 20-years experience in regulation of medical devices. His background is VTT Expert Services Oy, which is a Notified Body.

Kati Hänninen

Kati Hänninen, Co-ordinator. Health technology engineer (B.Eng.), who is responsible for co-ordinating, piloting, clinical study and customer service.

Jamo Nousiainen

Jamo Nousiainen, Brand Manager, Brand building specialist, over 20 years of experience in marketing communications and commercial concepts. Hands on experience and proven hit record in giving birth to global brands.



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