The new era of self-care´s digitalisation

Better health – with lower costs – more individually is the first of its kind, personal digitalized medical device, “health coach”, for every household. A device that will rightfully make two of the most meaningful basic elements in life, health and well-being, visible in one’s everyday life – its presence and elucidation are on a whole different level and it is more than just another application on your smart phone

Artificial intelligence-based device innovation which as first of its kind in the world provides help for the consumer to independently – without mandatory visits to physician-, medically effectively and based on individual risk-factors, to prevent five long-term diseases and their disadvantages. Diseases which most likely and commonly deteriorate and weaken the individual’s ability to function and quality of life, and disesases which cause more than half of all deaths in Finland – traffic- and other accident-related deaths included. (The Center Of Statistics in Finland, December 29th 2017.)

The capacity and possibilities that this device possesses and provides in terms of monitoring, surpasses that of similar devices already on the market, such as one-feature wellbeing censors and trendy wellbeing monitors with their mobile apps, in numerous ways and forms. The device provides its user a holistic and pervasive picture and understanding of the users health, taking individual, healt affecting risk-factors not only more widely and closely but also medically more inclusively into consideration than any other device from any other rival, manufacturer or company. That is why we call the medical device of new generation.

| |® is for:

  • Every individual who cares about the health and quality of life of their own or that of their loved ones
  • For those who are aware of or suspect having risk-factors relating diseases due to their either genetic factors or lifestyle choices
  • For those wanting a long, fully satisfying life
  • For those wanting to avoid and prevent a disease- and attack-based, premature loss of functionality
  • For those desiring to control their own, individual health risks effectively and based on facts.

Our device will guide you to a doctor immediately when needed. It is our goal to make the guiding to a physician happen before you experience any symptoms so that the doctor will be able to diagnose and start the necessary routine work, for example to start a preventive medication regarding more severe disadvantages. A possibility of medical consultation with your primary care physician through a specialized structure of the device is also included if you wish to clarify anything at all from your doctor

Although the device won’t compensate for a physician in this particular, specified matter for which this device is optimated, that is to prevent long-term illnessess and diseases, its results regarding health benefits can be taken into a comparable level – or even beyond the current monitoring: for example the world’s most progressive DNA-testing and the evidence and information given by that and even completely automated, personal health data made possible by its the next generation health sensoring! combines


and it is the next generation solution for preventing numerous long-term diseases and their disadvantages